Don’t Reply - Weply!

Weply is a free app that lets you talk to people over email, texts and posts.

Save time and be heard with voice messages via email, texts and posts. See who has heard your message and when. Business customers can even secure their messages so only colleagues can hear them.

Learn what Weply can do for you.

Start saving time and be heard now



Conveniently create emails, texts and posts without typing by using Weply's simple interface



Produce higher quality messages using your voice to express tone and emotion



Restrict access to sensitive texts, emails and posts with a Weply Business account

About Weply

At Weply we are passionate about giving people the rich, rewarding experience of hearing another person’s voice in previously cold and impersonal tools. At the same time we love taking away everyone’s hassle of typing on a small screen.

Please contact us on and send any suggestions to In fact, if you send us a Weply to either of those email addresses, you’ll be guaranteed a response!